Road Smart is a road safety education and training program designed to build on the knowledge, skills and behaviours of Year 10 (or equivalent) students, laying the foundations for safe driving among young drivers.

Funded by the Victorian Government, Road Smart is an initiative that supports and enhances Victoria’s Graduated Licensing System, featuring:

  • An interactive classroom session
  • eLearning for students and their supervising drivers
  • An in-car session (off-road or on-road)*
  • A teacher resource toolkit linked to the Victorian Curriculum.

* There are two options for schools for the in-car session.

  1. Off-road – A group session for 1 hour (3 students per car) at a driver training centre. Most driver training centres take between 21-24 students per session.
  2. On-road – An individual session for 45 minutes for learner permit holders with an approved Road Smart Driving Instructor.

Lara Driving School is an approved provider for the Road Smart program. Once students have completed the in-class session, students are eligible to attend a free in-car session.

In accordance with VicRoads privacy policy, online parental/guardian consent is required so that the students can be registered in the VicRoads portal. Students will then gain access to eLearning modules and allocated a lesson ID that can be redeemed for a free in-car session. The forms can be downloaded from the VicRoads website or email

For on-road session bookings, please contact me at Lara Driving School by either calling or sending a text message on 0412 547 936.  Alternatively, send me an email

I look forward to holding your on-road session in the near future.